Please read the following agreement carefully. "Customer" use of any of Company's services indicates an agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. Items which are given to "Company" for cleaning / repairing will be termed as article(s) in this agreement. This agreement is strictly between Company and the Customer and does not in any way constitute or imply any relationship with any other parties. As a condition to using any of Company's services, and for the mutual benefit of both Company and the Customer, the undersigned ("Customer") agrees to the following terms and conditions.


1. Ensure to take original bill or challan copy after due delivery of articles to be processed.

2. Original bill or challan copy needs to be presented at the time of delivery of processed articles.

3. If the original bill or challan is lost or could not be produced at the time of delivery, the delivery of the processed article shall be made to the owner only after verifying his/her credential.

4.Express/Urgent delivery of articles would be charged 50% extra over the regular tariff..

5.Customers are requested to examine the articles at the time of delivery; we would not be held responsible for any damages that are found after delivery of processed articles .

6. If not satisfied with the quality of any service offered, customers should get in touch with the company within 24 hours for resolution.

7. We are not responsible for fastness, colour bleed, colour running, shrinkage, damages to embellishments or embroidery work on the articles during processing.

8. Company will use reasonable efforts to try to ensure that washing, drying and folding services are maintained at a high level of quality.

9. At Ohmywash, we would be putting in our best efforts to remove any stains or unwanted marks on the clothes; however we cannot guarantee 100% removal of stains or marks. Customers will have no claim whatsoever or no rights to ask for deduction in processing charges on account of this.

10. We follow a “No Claim” policy. All articles are accepted at customers’ risk. We shall not be held responsible for damage to articles that cannot withstand the normal cleaning or dry cleaning process. We shall not be held responsible for articles that are damaged due to the ageing process of inferior quality of clothes..

11. We shall not be held responsible for any ornaments or jewellery fittings on your clothes getting damaged during the processing.

12. We shall not be held responsible for shrinkage, damage, cuts, holes, scratches, stains etc. becoming apparent during the wash process due to defective manufacturing, adulteration, deterioration, wear & tear, and exposure to the environment.

13. We put in our best efforts to ensure timely pick-up and delivery; however there might be incidents beyond our control or incidences of Force Majeure where we are unable to stick to the timelines. In such cases, customers cannot claim any compensation, refunds or any reduction in charges.

14. We would not take any responsibility for the clothes of the customer beyond 3 (three)weeks of the scheduled delivery date .

15. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to clothes arising due to fire, burglary etc. which are beyond our control or similar incidences.

16. We would not take any responsibility for valuables/articles/cash, etc. inadvertently kept in the articles which is mutilated or unrecoverable after processing.

17. Tariff for designer wear, high-end fabric based clothes or complex article pieces would be decided on a case-to-case basis. This pricing would be communicated to the customer directly at the store once the article has been examined by the experts present at the stores.

18. In case any piece of article or linen gets damaged during the processing for any reasons other than the ones outlined above, the compensation for the customer would be limited to 10 times the value of the charges specified to the customer for the processing or INR 3000, whichever is lower.

19. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.

20. Company reserves the rights to cancel/modify/change the terms and conditions at any point in time without any prior intimation or notice.

21. Company due to time constraints does not read manufacturer suggested care and washing / drying labels, and will not responsible for garments labeled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only".

22. Company accepts no liability for "special care" and delicate items that require special attention to be cleaned.

23. Company reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment.


1. Company does not provide printed bills, and invoices will be sent by email only on registered email id.

2. Customer will be charged twice the amount of regular order for any express delivery.

3. Tax will be charged over and above the rates mentioned in the website.

4. Customer has to pay the entire amount after successful delivery of order.

5. For retail orders, customer has to pay by cash only, we accept debit or credit cards as well, but for that customer has to inform us beforehand.

6. Customer can buy a prepaid plan for which amount can be paid by cash or cheque. In case customer choose to pay by cheque, the plan will only be effective after realization of cheque.

7. Prepaid plans are valid only at the location where the customer was at the time of buying the prepaid plan.


1. Any extra amount paid by customer for retail order can be refunded by the company if customer ask.

2. Balance available in "Prepaid" plans are non-refundable and can not be transferred to any other customer.

3. User can cancel at any time before actual pick-up. No cancellation charges will be levied.

4. In case company deny to process any article because of any reason, the order amount for that article will be refunded to retail customer or will be added to prepaid balance for prepaid plan customer.

5. Customer wants to cancel the order because of any reason, then the request for cancellation has to be placed within 2 hr of pickup of articles.

6. Once order is punched and processed, order can't be cancelled.